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Current FSSJ News
Praying for and Remembering Those Touched by 9/11
With prayers and memories of September 11, 2001, Sister Joyce Kubiniec, FSSJ created a display in the Library at St. Francis Park. Displaying books and a sculpture that embodies the bravery of the First Responders reminded everyone at St. Francis Park that we need to work for peace and dialogue among all people so September 11, 2001 will not happen again.

The Sisters at St. Francis Park offered their Mass this morning for the intention of those who died at the twin towers and for their families. The Sisters also included this intention at our Mass in our Chapel: For those who died, and for those who lost loved one in the attacks on this day in 2001, may the faithfulness of God bring them rest and peace, let us pray to the Lord.
The Sisters began and ended the Liturgy with a song that reminded us to love one another and to be people willing to have the courage to forgive and care for others.
On September 11, 2001 Red Cross put out a call for trained personnel to assist during the tragedy. Sr. Martha Olszewski, FSSJ, responded and went to ground zero in NYC to be present to, counsel, pray with, cry with and comfort all those who needed someone. After she returned to Hamburg there was a group of family members in the Buffalo area who lost loved ones in the attack. They wanted to form a support group and since 2001 Sr. Martha has been meeting with them, praying with them and supporting them in any way she is able. For the past 18 years Sr. Martha has been helping them to provide one of the largest memorials at Red Cross Headquarters in Buffalo displaying 3,000 flags in memory of those who died. Family and friends read the 3,000 names out loud so that they will never be forgotten.

Hilbert College Honors Sr. Edmunette
  Hilbert College held its 58th annual commencement ceremony at the Watermark Wesleyan Church in Hamburg, NY. As part of the Commencement, Sister Edmunette Paczesny, FSSJ, Ph.D., President Emerita at Hilbert, and Commencement speaker, urged the Class of 2019, “You learned there are certain values in life that supersede others and you learned to prioritize them. Make your choices because they will enrich you.”

“I urge you to introduce knowledge where ignorance exists,” Sister Edmunette continued. “To have faith where there is disbelief. To make everything and everyone you touch just a little bit better.” Sister Edmunette was also presented with an honorary doctorate of humane letters.

Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph celebrate with Sr. Edmunette the growth of Hilbert College as it continues to educate young people in the Spirit of St. Francis.

St. Joseph Hospital Celebrates 10 Years with Sisters Hospital
Drawing by Sr. Geraldine Rutkowski, FSSJ, images Mother Colette sowing seeds of ministries in which we spread the Gospel, included St. Joseph Hospital
  The Franciscan Sisters founded St. Joseph Hospital in Cheektowaga, NY to serve the needs of the people in that area. Under the care and sponsorship of the Sisters, St. Joseph Hospital grew in its ministry of healing others. In the 1990’s the Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph realized that St. Joseph Hospital needed to join with other Catholic hospitals to continue its mission. Connecting with the Sisters of Mercy and other orders of women religious in the Buffalo area, the creation of the Catholic Health System began.

In 2006 New York State released the "Healthcare Facilities in the 21st Century" Report, also known as the Berger Commission. St. Joseph Hospital was slated for closure. The people of the Cheektowaga area and Catholic Health had come to appreciate the dedication of the staff at St. Joseph Hospital and the need for a hospital in that area. They started the “I Believe” campaign demanding that the state keep St. Joseph Hospital open. The Berger Commission decision was later overturned and the State agreed to keep St. Joseph Hospital open as part of Sisters Hospital.

As Sister Marcia Ann Fiutko, General Minister of the Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph said, “The theme of the Catholic Health Sisters of Charity Hospital St. Joseph Campus’ 10th year anniversary celebration was ‘Together We’re Stronger.’ Wow! It is hard to believe that the Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph, handing on the torch of their healing ministry at St. Joseph Hospital to the very capable and caring hands of the Catholic Health System, has culminated in the successful partnership of these two Catholic hospitals for ten years now. Indeed, President Martin Boryszak and his associates are continuing to build on the very strong foundation with which our Congregation has provided them. ‘Together We’re Stronger” continues to echo on today as residents in the Cheektowaga area experience the healing ministry of Jesus extended to them through the compassionate hands of the CHS associates. It was edifying to hear that some of the traditions started by our sisters such as the Thanksgiving Basket Drive for needy families, not only continues at the St. Joseph Hospital campus, but has also been adopted by other CHS facilities.

Hilbert College Visits the Sisters
  Hilbert College is named after Mother Colette Hilbert, who, in 1897, established the Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph, which became the college's founding congregation. In 1957, inspired by the leadership of Sister Edwina Bogel, the community founded a teacher training college for its members. In 1969, having broadened its curriculum to include degrees outside of teacher training and expanded its enrollment to include both men and women, the institution officially became known as Hilbert College. In 1992, Hilbert began to offer four-year degrees for the first time.

Recently members of Hilbert College’s faculty and staff were invited to a ‘Powering Up Our Hilbert Mission’ session. It was an opportunity for them to meet Hilbert’s powerhouse of prayer, the Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph and to rediscover how they are an integral part of Mother Colette Hilbert’s legacy. It was inspiring to meet such a dedicated group, who exude Franciscan values and take seriously their vocation to extend Hilbert’s mission. For some of them the opportunity to refill their pitcher by spending quiet time before the San Damiano crucifix in our Chapel, as they reflected on how they personally extend Hilbert’s mission, live Hilbert’s Franciscan values and promote the principles of diversity was the highlight of this experience.

Sisters, faculty and staff left with a feeling of really being connected and supportive of one another and with a willingness to deepen that relationship as we move forward. As Sister Marcia Ann, the General Minister of the Franciscan Sisters said, “We are so proud of our Hilbert College Family!”

Decorating and Blessing Easter Food
On Holy Saturday the Sisters continue the tradition of their Foundress, Mother Colette Hilbert, which is the Polish tradition of decorating food in preparation for the blessing of food later in the day.
The Sisters gather with Fr. Charles Jagodzinski, OFM Conv. for the blessing the food.
Our Chapel, celebrating the Risen Jesus, the wonderful gift of New Life for all as we continue our Mission: “To witness the Gospel in Joy and Peace, committed to prayer, service and care for all creation.”

Sisters Weave Palms
Sr. Mary Beth and Sr. Benedicta
Sr. Judith Elaine Salzman
Sr. Angelis and Sr. Judy
Sr. Judy, Sr. Bertina, Sr. Deborah Marie
Sr. Alexine
Every Palm Sunday the Sisters gather to share the joy of creativity by weaving palms. Most of the Sisters learned to do this from Sisters in the past. It is a wonderful sharing of tradition and remembering those who have gone before us.

If you would like to how to make a crown from palms go to:
Weaving Crown of Thorns

Caring for God's Gift of Creation: Every Day is Earth Day
The Sisters celebrate our commitment to purchase biodegradable dishware to be used at meetings.
The Franciscans of St. Joseph are "committed to Care for All God's Creation"(FSSJ Mission Statement). The young women of Immaculata Academy knew the Sisters' commitment to care for creation. The art class painted the rain barrel, shown above, using St. Francis' Canticle of Creation as a basis for their drawing.

April is Earth Month and as a congregation we are including a prayer intention every day of April asking for a greater sense within all people to take seriously our call to care for creation.

Pope Francis has elevated this call to care for creation to official Catholic Social Teaching in his encyclical, Laudato Si: Care for Our Common Home. Please take time to read and ponder his words below.

Quotes from Pope Francis, Laudato Si: Care for Our Common Home:

“The emptier a person’s heart is, the more he or she needs things to buy, own and consume. Many people know that our current progress and the mere amassing of things and pleasures are not enough to give meaning and joy to the human heart, yet they feel unable to give up what the market sets before them.” (204 and 209)

“Our goal is not to amass information or
to satisfy curiosity, but rather to become
painfully aware, to dare to turn what is
happening to the world into our own
personal suffering and thus to discover
what each of us can do about it.”(19)

"The earth herself, burdened and laid waste, is among the most abandoned and maltreated of our poor” (2)

“Living our vocation to be protectors of God’s
handiwork is essential to a life of virtue;
it is not an optional or a secondary aspect
of our Christian experience.” (217)

For more information on the spirituality and practical things to do to Care for God's wondrous gift of Creation go to:

Catholic Climate Covenant

Prayer Service to End Human Trafficking and Racism
  The Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph invited others to their chapel for their annual Prayer to End Human Trafficking, which is modern day slavery. This prayer service is held every year around the time of the feast day of St. Josephine Bakhita, patron saint of victims of human trafficking. Because racism is an attitude that makes slavery more acceptable and is becoming more visible in our day, the prayer service also addressed racism.
The prayer service included facts about human trafficking as well as quotes from Pope Francis and Martin Luther King, Jr., about the dignity of each person and the right of all persons to be respected and free. The prayer service reverently reminded us of the importance of living our faith in a way that truly makes a difference.

Those who attended were able to take action on an issue of racism by signing a letter to their Congressional representative asking them to support the For the People Act (H.R. 1) which reinstates voting rights that were originally protected in the Civil Rights Act from 1968. More information about H.R.1 is available on the League of Women Voters web site.

Scroll down to find things to do to stop human trafficking.

Education and advocacy are part of the prayer service to end racism
Education is part of the prayer service to end human trafficking
Sr. Marcia Ann leading the prayer service

Sister Jean Marie, Sister Marcia Ann, Sister Judith Elaine
  The Leadership Team of the Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph was elected at the Congregation's 22nd General Chapter in July of 2018. Elected were Sr. Marcia Ann Fiutko, General Minister, Sr. Jean Marie Cherry, General Councilor and Sr. Judith Elaine Salzman, General Councilor.

FSSJ Chapter Commitment

The Leadership Team will lead the members in fulfilling their Chapter commitment which reads in part: We... Embrace our Sacred explore ways to embrace full participation in our community life, new expressions for our mission, and hope-filled plans for our future. We welcome God's invitation to co-create our future possibilities for the common good of God's people.

Sister Telesphore and Sister Vincentia Celebrate 75 Years of Religious Life
  Sister Telesphore taught elementary school for 50 years specializing in teaching the primary grades with a Bachelor Degree in Education. Her gentle yet firm voice assisted the students to do their best and to love to learn. Sister taught in New York State, Massachusetts, Michigan, and Connecticut. Sr. Telephore used her M.S. in music well at St. Columba School in Buffalo, NY becoming known as the “leader of the band”. Sr. Telesphore taught many instruments to many students. They marched annually in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Buffalo, NY and received awards on a regular basis. Under Sister's patient and creative direction, the band learned complicated music such as the theme to Star Wars as well as classical music.

Sister Telesphore presently takes her ministry of praying for others very seriously and spends time in her room and in chapel praying the rosary. Her deep trust in Divine Providence, her smile and sense of humor are gifts to all who visit.
  Sister Vincentia, using her Bachelor Degree in Education, taught elementary school for over 40 years in New York State, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. Sister then followed the Spirit of God calling her to a healing ministry of caring for the people of St. Stanislaus Parish in Massachusetts by visiting parishioners in nursing homes and those who were homebound. Her energy and care was shown to all those who were sick, lonely and in need of the sacramental Presence of Jesus. In her deep care for those who had little contact with others, Sister also began a program at the parish called “Tele-Vine” whereby the homebound were contacted by volunteers to help uplift them spiritually and emotionally.

Sr. Vincentia presently shares her faith, her prayers, her humor and wonderful laugh with others who attend the LIFE (Living Independently For Elders) Program.

Sister Presentia and Sister Helen Therese Celebrate 70 Years as FSSJ
  Sister Presentia Stawicki is celebrating 70 years living the Franciscan charism of Joy and Hope. Sister taught in elementary schools in New York State, Connecticut and Michigan. Sister Presentia, using her Masters, taught Math at Immaculata Academy helping to open the world of numbers to the young women she taught. While doing this she also exemplified prayerfulness, compassion and her love of our sisters and brothers in need by being the Moderator of the Mission Club.

Sister Presentia then felt called to the healing ministry of caring for and visiting the sick and elderly by ministering as a Pastoral Care person at St. Clare Manor in Lockport and eventually serving in that capacity at Holy Trinity Parish in Medina. Presently, Sr. Presentia is sharing her smile and caring ways when she visits the Life-Long Faith Formation classes at Holy Trinity. She shares her compassion and care with those who are sick or home bound in the parish. Sister Presentia is also the heart of the FSSJ Associate Program in Medina.
  Sister Helen Therese is celebrating 70 years of faithfully living as a Franciscan Sister of St. Joseph. Sister taught elementary school in New York State, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Sister Helen Therese’s caring smile and compassionate heart touched many of her students as they grew to love learning. Using her Masters, with a specialization in Reading, Sister was able to open the world of books to the young people she taught. Sister Helen Therese also served her Sisters through visiting the sick and ministering as the receptionist at Immaculate Conception Convent.

Presently Sister Helen Therese is offering her prayers for all those who request prayerful support.

March for Life
The Mission Statement of the Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph states that we “witness the Gospel” and are “committed to prayer, service and care for all creation”. With this in their hearts, Sr. Judith Elaine Salzman and Sr. Sharon Goodremote traveled on pilgrimage with others from the Buffalo Diocese to join thousands in the March for Life. This was the 46th March for Life since the passage of Roe vs Wade which legalizes abortion. In these many years those who stand for the respect and protection of life from womb to tomb – and for all the steps of life each human being takes in between – the March has come to a sense of the need to respond to the challenge of abortion with compassion and sacrifice.

The Buffalo Diocesan group joined hundreds of other dioceses from throughout United States first in celebrating a Liturgy of Life at the Immaculate Conception Basilica in Washington, D.C. It was impressive to see so many young people with great reverence for the Eucharist and respect for those around them. At breakfast on the day of the March, January 18, 2019, Greg Schleppenbach, Associate Director of Pro-Life Activities for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, spoke to the Buffalo group about the importance of creating relationships with those who agree with us and those who do not; to provide support and assistance to those who choose to have their child; and to create marriage preparation classes that emphasize the importance of love and a willingness to sacrifice and care for each other and all others. Mr. Schleppenbach also spoke on the importance of advocacy for legislation to stop abortions.

Sr. Judith Elaine and Sr. Sharon carry the FSSJ Congregational seal and posters created by Sr. Richard
Sign of the Buffalo Diocese that Sr. Judith and Sr. Sharon walked behind during the March
People waiting for buses after the Mass

Welcoming New President of Hilbert College
The Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph are proud to be the Founders of Hilbert College. Sr. Edwina Bogel, FSSJ fulfilled her dream to create a college in the Southtowns that would especially serve first generation college students. As Hilbert continues to grow, the new president, Dr. Michael Brophy, visited the Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph at St. Francis Park to meet the Sisters and learn about their Franciscan charism so that he will be better able to share this charism with faculty, staff and students during his years at Hilbert. Dr. Brophy was given a tour of the FSSJ Heritage Room and chapel to learn the story of Mother Colette Hilbert whose name Hilbert College bears.

After his tour, Dr. Brophy met the Sisters and was welcomed by Sr. Marcia Ann Fiutko, FSSJ, General Minister. The FSSJ Leadership Team, Sr. Marcia Ann, Sr. Jean Cherry and Sr. Judith Elaine Salzman presented Dr. Brophy with a pitcher, sharing with Dr. Brophy the wonderful advice Mother Colette gave to all her Sisters, “You cannot pour anything from an empty pitcher”. This quote reminds us to take time for prayer, reflection and dialogue in order to be open to God’s Spirit in all we do.

Dr. Brophy shared with the Sisters his happiness and excitement becoming President of Hilbert College. He is looking forward to his family joining him in June to live in Orchard Park, NY and becoming a part of the WNY community. He is grateful for the dedication of the Sisters in their prayerful support of Hilbert and will work with Sr. Marcia Ann on the Mission Committee of the College to maintain the Franciscan Spirit at Hilbert College.
Women Religious Celebrate Gerard Place
Gerard Place, which provides supportive services for homeless mothers and their children, first opened its doors in 2000, the culmination of the work of twelve Congregations of Women Religious in the Diocese of Buffalo, one of which is the Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph. Sisters from each of the twelve congregations gathered at Gerard Place, 2515 Bailey Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14215, to celebrate the creation of the Community Center which will service, not only the families already at Gerard Place, but will offer the following to the surrounding community:
- The Buffalo Promise Neighborhood Early Childhood Academy (EduKids) - Giving children access to high quality and affordable child care
- Training to become Licensed Practical Nursing, Certified Nursing Assistant and Home Healthcare Aide
- Opportunity to complete your high school education.
Gerard Place is dedicated to improving the lives of people striving to break the cycle of poverty in their lives. To find out more about the Community Center at Gerard Place go to

Each Congregation of Women Religious who sponsor Gerard Place has a special recognition given over each doorway into the Community Center.
Celebrating Sister Mary Anne Siwak
Sr. Mary Anne Siwak’s forty years of dedicated ministry at St. Francis of Assisi Parish in Athol Springs, NY was celebrated by dedicating the parish’s new gathering space to her. The parish has been working on planning for a Gathering Space at the front of the Church this past year. When it came time to name the gathering space the parish unanimously voted to dedicate the space to Sr. Mary Anne Siwak, FSSJ. As stated in the program of the dedication, “Sr. Mary Anne has served St. Francis as a Teacher, Principal, Catechetical Facilitator and Collaborator in the many events, activities and programs of the parish. Through her example and service to God and God’s people, she has been instrumental in leading innumerable people of all ages to a closer relationship with God and the Church”.

At the dedication, Sr. Mary Anne and a number of her fellow Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph, prayed with the parishioners and shared the joy of the blessing and dedication of the Sr. Mary Anne Gathering Space. As the plaque that was installed says, “Dear Sister Mary Anne, May God grant you His choicest blessings now and always! With grateful hearts, your Faith Community of St. Francis.“
Fr. Ross Syracuse, OFM Conv, pastor and Sister Mary Anne
Official Ribbon Cutting
Appreciative Parishioners


PLEASE NOTE: Beginning June 30, 2016, all transcripts and employee records will be available through Nancy DiBerardino at the Diocese of Buffalo. The main phone number is (716) 847-8700.

Sister Jean Cherry, Administrator
Immaculata Academy
Make Me an Instrument of Your Peace
Every year the Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph invite others to come and remember the importance of our call to be peacemakers with a prayer service. This year using the Prayer of St. Francis the Sisters saw the seasons as a means to learn “where there is injury pardon, where there is despair hope…”. Caring for creation is part of the Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph Mission Statement and reflecting on our present time in history with climate change causing so many natural disasters, fires, floods and droughts, the Sisters feel it is important to remind themselves and others to put light where there is darkness and love where there is hate.
The Sisters also provided a letter people could sign asking our government to put addressing climate change on the top of their agenda and to support the work of the COP24, which is a meeting of the U.N. Conference of the Partners Convention on Climate Change being held in Katowice, Poland December 2-14, 2018.
May we all continue to pray: “May our loving Creator enrich us with a feeling of community with creation around us, and an authentic sense of responsibility for Earth’s well-being”. Amen
FSSJ Christmas Spirit Shared with Youth
Recently the Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph were joined by the sixth and seventh graders of the Faith Formation Program of SS. Peter and Paul Parish in Hamburg, NY. The gathering was in the Spirit of Christmas, signing Christmas cards for the people who receive meals through the Meals on Wheels program. The young people and teachers joined the Sisters, sharing stories and laughter as they signed the cards for the people who would be eating their Christmas dinner by themselves.
The Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph have been signing cards to be given to Meals on Wheels for over 10 years and were excited to share this event with young people. All together this year the Sisters, their Associates and other friends of the Sisters have signed 3,000 cards which will find their way into people’s homes.
The Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph were recently able to witness one of their beloved ministries come full circle. As part of their mission to minister to God’s people where there is great need, in 1949 the sisters began operating and sponsoring St. Mary’s Home for the Aging in Detroit, Michigan which moved in 1960 to Livonia, MI as Marycrest Manor. For decades, the Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph attended to the health and social needs of aging in the Detroit/Livonia area. The sisters always desired to give their very best to the residents. When it became clear in the early 2000s that they were no longer able to provide the quality of care they wished to offer, they sought out a partner with similar values who could carry on the healing mission of Jesus.  
Legacy Walk - that was then...
That partner is Trinity Health Senior Living who took on the sponsorship of the institution and has grown it into a continuum of care facility. The original nursing home, Marycrest Manor, was updated and continues to serve those with critical needs. In the past ten years, Trinity Health has added a state-of-the-art independent living component and most recently, assisted living and rehabilitation components. In early October, Sister Sharon Goodremote, who serves on the Leadership Team of the Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph, was able to join Sister Judith Salzman and Sister Alexine Machowicz , who continue to minister at Marycrest, for the grand opening of the completed Marycrest complex.
Legacy Walk - this is now.

Retirement is unheard of in religious life! St. Francis counseled, “…in the holy love which is God, I beg all of you…to serve…the Lord God…in whatever way you are best able to do so, for that is what God wants above all else.” (ER 22:25-26) The Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph have always taken this to heart. Ministries change from time to time but the mission always remains. When the time comes that a sister is unable to “go out to ministry,” the ministry comes in to us. The photos show several sisters bagging rice to be sent to the poor in Nicaragua. This regularly-scheduled ministry, along with signing cards for Meals on Wheels, praying for those who call in with intentions, and other “in-house ministries,” affords the sisters the opportunity to keep in touch with the needs of God’s people and to contribute to the mission of the congregation.
Sisters Joyce, Anzelma, Ann Margaret, Lucille Ann and Michele Malota, Activities Director
Sisters Loretta, Deborah Marie, Helen D, Joyce, Teresina and Carlene Marie
May we be strangers no longer, but instead, brothers and sisters, as we continue together on this journey of hope!

Below is a list of ways for you to get involved and be a voice for those who have none.

~ Pray
The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective. (James 5:16)

~ Support an Already Existing Organization
Every penny counts in the struggle for freedom. Your support matters.

~ Get Educated
Knowledge is power. Allow yourself to be informed.

~ Educate Others
Sharing is easy. Consider some ways to spread the message.
Visit FAASTINTERNATIONAL.ORG (Faith Alliance Against Slavery and Trafficking)

~ Advocate
Speak, Act, Do…all on behalf of those who cannot.

~ Volunteer
There are a variety of ways that YOU can help!

~ Report Cases
If you see something that doesn’t look right, report it. 1-888-373-7888.

~ Buy Slave Free Products
Support freedom with your purchases. Know where your goods come from.
Click on the following link for more information: GoodGuide

~ Get Your Church Involved
We believe that God has uniquely designed the church to be his avenue for hope and restoration for the world.

~ Sporting Events
For upcoming sporting events, write to coaches, athletes, hotels and/or sponsors about human trafficking: WithoutExploitationToolkit.pdf

Mary's Way
  As the Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph sculpted their new home, they filled their new surroundings with symbols important to them in a beautiful park-like setting.

Now they invite you to join with them in remembering those special people and moments that have shaped our lives, as they create Mary’s Way and Joseph’s Green, places of gratitude and remembrance. Benches and winding walkways offer opportunities for prayer and reflection.

The focal point of Mary’s Way is the beautiful statue of the Blessed Mother that stood above the entrance of our former Motherhouse. Adorned with a simple stone shrine, she reminds us of standing in humble simplicity before our God. Our St. Joseph statue with the child Jesus, central to Joseph’s Green, reminds us of the gentle care with which Joseph raised the boy Jesus. For many years this statue graced the grounds of our former Motherhouse. As St. Joseph is the patron saint of a happy death, this area is a fitting place to remember your deceased loved ones.
Joseph's Green
  Incorporated into each of these venues are areas of brick/pavers where you can concretize the treasured thoughts of loved ones or special events. We invite you to purchase a brick/paver to celebrate the specialness of a relative or friend, to reverence the memory of a deceased loved one or mark a milestone event in life’s journey. As you and our sisters walk the grounds of our new Motherhouse, your cherished remembrances will be brought to the hearts and prayers of those who read the inscriptions. The engraved brick/pavers offer a meaning and lasting way to pay tribute.

For further information, you may contact Sr. Lynne Anne at (716) 649-1205 ext. 2125 or e-mail

Order Form

The Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph have created a high school program entitled Franciscan Studies Program: Lessons on Franciscan Spirituality through the lives of St. Francis, St. Clare and Colette Hilbert, FSSJ. Each component/year focuses on one of the four Third Order core values of humility, poverty, conversion and contemplation. The two-week components are all inclusive with complete lesson plans; readings from Francis, Clare and Colette Hilbert, Foundress of the Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph (these can be substituted by readings of other founders/Franciscans); reflection questions; study of a Franciscan symbol; prayer service; suggested assessements and a bibilography.

To purchase of copy of the 117 page program in a binder for forty dollars ($40.00),please contact Sr. Jean M. Cherry, FSSJ at

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